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Why Choose


Painting is an art

There is an art behind house painting and all artists have different styles and techniques. On this page I will explain how I do things and what sets me apart from the crowd.

Dust Free

I use Festool Hepa Shop Vacs connected to Festool Sanders to keep dust to an absolute minimum. There is virtually no airborne dust, any dust created drops straight to the ground. I have many different sanders for many occasions. From sanding new drywall to grinding down tight fitting doors.


Prep Work

The absolute most important part of a quality paint job is a prep work. 

Caulk Cracking on trim work is very common. Most people just caulk over the failing crack and repaint. This is only a temporary fix. The main reason for the cracking is the trim coming slightly loose from the wall. I cut the old caulk out and use this finish nailer to secure the trim tightly to the wall before re-caulking. Also, nails that come loose are set back into place with a spring loaded nail set, filled and sanded.

Nail Pops are usually caused by house settling. The screws(or nails) holding the drywall to the wall loosen. The proper way to fix this is to screw the loose screw back into the stud and also drive a second screw above or below it to ensure it doesn’t come back. Once it’s secure, two coats of spackle are applied and sanded.



I use the best quality paints from Sherwin Williams unless requested otherwise. 

Ceilings: ProMar Ceiling Paint

Walls: Duration

Trim: Pro Classic

I am very big on using the right primer for the right situation, so there are a long list of primers I use from different brands.

Color List for your Records

For projects larger than two rooms, I make a chart listing the colors and types of paint used in each room. It is stored in a nice clear sleeve with a black boarder. I also label all paint cans with the room it belongs to and the  month/year it was used. You’ll thank me later :)


More Than a Painter

I come from a very large family which includes many general contractors and master carpenters. I’ve been very fortunate to work side by side with them over the years. I feel comfortable saying if a handyman can do it, so can I. Painting is my trade, but don’t hesitate to ask if another one of your projects are within my capabilities. If it’s not, I’m sure I can point you in the right direction.

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